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Pneumatic Strapping Tool With Seal For Steel Strap Flat And Round Surface.

Powerfull And Reliable Strapping Tool For Use In Industrial Heavy Duty Applications. Available In Three Different Sizes Of Strap: 19 Mm (3/4”), 25 Mm (1”) And 32 Mm (1-1/4”).

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Key Features

Package Type: Flat / Round / Irregular Surfaces
Strap Quality: Bright / Blue / High Tensile
Strap Width: From 19 Mm Up To 32 Mm (3/4” - 1-1/4”)
Strap Thickness: Bright / Blue. Rmax= 850 N/Mm². From 0,6 Mm Up To 1 Mm (0.024”- 0.039”)
Strap Thickness: High Tensile. Rmax= 1100 N/Mm². From 0,63 Mm Up To 0,8 Mm (0.025”- 0.031”)
Max. Tension: 9000 N
Air Pressure And Consumption: From 5,5 Up To 6,5 Bar Max / Around 12 L/S
Max. Tension Speed: Around 6 M/Min
Joint Type: Seal - Double Notches
Seal Type: Overlap (Min. Length 45 Mm - 1-3/4”)
Weight: Around 10 Kgs


BMS 2.4 SIN DOSIF TV 120001 300DPI

The New Range Of Machines Was To Meet The Majority Of Flexible Packaging Requirements From The Food, Cosmetic And Personal Care, Household, Pharmaceutical And Chemical Sectors.

The BMK Machine Series Main Design Criteria Is Based On The Modular Frame Construction Composed Of 3 Independent Modules: Unwinder, Pouch Forming And Filling Modules. These Modules Are Available In Several Versions That Can Be Combined According To The Final Product. This Way We Always Get The Best Result With The Most Appropriate Machine Version And The Most Competitive Configuration For The Customer.


The Weight Filling Technology Enables Precise Filling Of The Exact Quantity Of Product Required In The Container Reducing Costs And Saving Money By Avoiding The Over Filling Of Containers.

The Wide Variety Of Machines Developed By Us Allows Us To Be Present In Many Different Fields From Liquid, Semi-Liquid Or Viscous Products. Whether It Is Weight Control, Volumetric, Flow Metering, Constant Level Or Pressure Time Technology, We Will Work With Our Customers On The Best Solution For Their Business Needs.

Automatic Rotary Monoblock WEIGHT Filling & Capping Machine For Plastic SCREW Caps, Suitable To Liquids In Plastic Jerry Cans, Oval, Cylindrical And Rectangular Shapes.


MS70 Is AAutomatic & Semi-Automatic Welding Bar Machines.

Automatic and semi-automatic welding bar machines with in-feed motorized belt conveyor.

Key Features

MS70 L/AL models represent the maximum simplification in bundling machines
They are made with a single supporting structure
MS70 L/AL models shrink single or grouped items with polyethylene film
Max package width depends on package height
Welding bar with film cutting blade (no smoke during welding phase) operated by pneumatic cylinder
PE shrink film 35 to 100 ?m
Work surface height: 850 +/-25mm
Air consumption: 8 NL/min + 6 bar air supply needed
Power supply: option between 3phase 220V & 3phase 400V + Neutral
Safety photoelectric cell that blocks the sealing bar if it finds an obstacle on its trajectory
Automatic upper & lower reel film unwinding system with pinch rolls
Max shrink film reels diameter: 350 mm, thic


TPS will be your ideal & right choice for all packaging needs. Our passion and forever commitment towards customer satisfaction has made us one of the top-notch in this business line


Filling Machine
The weight filling technology enables precise filling of the exact quantity of product required in the container reducing costs and saving money by avoiding the over filling of containers. The wide variety of machines developed by us allows us to be present in many different fields from liquid, semi-liquid or viscous products. Whether it is weight control, volumetric, flow metering, constant level or pressure time technology, We will work with our customers on the best solution for their business needs. Automatic Rotary monoblock WEIGHT filling & capping machine for plastic SCREW caps,, suitable to liquids in plastic Jerry Cans, oval, cylindrical and rectangular shapes.


Built With Safety Devices To Provide Maximum Protection For The &Nbsp; Machine Operator.High Plasticizing Capacity Extrusion Screw Is Designed To Handle Material Variations.Plasticizing Screw And Barrel Is Precision Machined From Special Nitrogen Treated Steel. Water Cooling Technology Controls Feed Zone Temperature.Chiller Circulated Hydraulically Controlled Blow-Pin.The Twin Station Configuration Allows For Continuous Blow Molding. This Eliminates Down Time And Upgrades Production. This Series Can Operate With A Selected Single Station. When Requiring Both Functions In A Single Machine, Purchase The Machine For PVC Application And Order The Additional Parts (Screw Anddie Head ) For Conversion To PE Application.